WFT is delighted to announce a special summer project for our members and alumni!

Join the cast for a Summer Dreaming Cabaret. New & current WFT members and Alumni are welcome to participate.

Please think of songs that would be a "Dream" for you to perform... lean towards your "mis-cast" options. And try to keep off the beaten path, meaning, don't choose songs that are overdone or part of every cabaret. Think outside the box! Submit your top 3 - 5 choices to director Rachel Fennell at by June 26th. Include duets, trios and group numbers.

Dance pieces will be welcomed as well.

A first meeting will be scheduled to hear people sing and then a set list will be created.

The cabaret will perform Aug 8 & 9 at the Park Playhouse. The rehearsal schedule is TBD but will be light compared to that of a full book musical.

Email the director with any questions!